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What Goji scientific research has been done? What is the real secret of goji berries?

Dr Earl Mindell has been a pioneer in goji research and the research of goji polysaccharides.

Goji's four unique polysaccharides or phytonutrient compounds collectively serve as directors and carriers of the commands that cells use to communicate with each other (receptors). As a result, they are thought to be of great importance to the smooth functioning of almost every cell in the entire body.

According to goji scientific research, the Himalayan Goji Berry has a special unique quality that displays a balanced polysaccharide profile with a uniquely potent Spectral Signature.

These unique polysaccharides found in goji berries are often referred to as "Master Molecules". It is believed that they control and command some of the most important immune defense systems in the body. Himalayan and Tibetan goji berry's unique characteristic of spectral peaks can vary from type to type. It is believed that you are able to define one goji berry's geographic origin from another by examining these peaks.

Goji Berry Research Video

The following video is a short presentation by Dr. Victor Marcial-Vega showing some interesting results of goji research that has done.

In the video he shows actual blood samples from patients who are using goji.

[Important Note: The publisher of this video is not affiliated with any companies that sell any goji berry or goji juice related products. This is unbiassed goji scientific research]


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